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About MoniCa

MoniCa brings families back together over things that matter - wherever you may be, know about your parents’ health

Enabling millions of families across the world to stay informed about their parents' health

High-end smartphone and IoT technologies implemented for the benefit of families and elderly

Monica is a digital tool that helps families across the globe to get back together over things that matter, by observing the elders' health and providing genuine credible insights and alerts.

Through a combination of high accuracy sensors already available on smartphones and data that has been both anonymized and interpreted for each individual, MoniCa aims to deliver brain health and disease based alerts and trends, allowing you to know deeper about your loved ones and stay rightfully concerned, even when you’re thousands of miles away.

  • High-end technology
  • Medical expertise
  • Credibility and reliability

MoniCa Features

You Decide

No data is collected without your explicit permission.You decide what you wish to share with MoniCa and for how long!

Health Trends

MoniCa picks up unique patterns from your normal smartphone usage, which are then interpreted by the system into concrete health-based data


90% of functionality is based on running in the background and not interfering with normal usage


Do you know the credibility percentage of the last Health-App you used? Probably not! At all points, our health trend system will ensure MoniCa gives you both information, and its current degree of accuracy

Technology and Mobility that have distanced us, have the power to Build Bridges

We are technology driven, but our ultimate aim is you, and the relationship you maintain with your family

Whether you travel only a few days away from home on work, live down the street from your elders or thousands of miles away from your family, we give you empowered connectivity. Beyond those phone calls and annual visits, know the health of your parents and elders, care and react in time, reach out to them before it’s too late. All the data is collected based on the explicit permission of the phone users, and the tool runs in the background, not interfering with normal phone usage.

Are you above the age of 60? Then pause and read this!

We all dislike the ‘A’ word - ageing! And yet, it is inevitable. Ageing is not a slippery slope, and we can empower you with the knowledge of your own mental health, to be able to tell when existing habits point towards a health decline. "Slips of the mind", which was natural in the 20s and 30s, now makes you wonder whether you’re coming down with typical illnesses associated with ageing. Get Monica, to get back your peace of mind. The App will also allow you and your friends to create a community, because we know you’ve got each other’s back.

Why MoniCa

What your new digital family member has to offer

Health Updates

Tired, stressed or age-related slowdown? There are so many questions running through your mind, and MoniCa has answers to give you - she’s not a doctor but a health guide

Virtual Assistant

Monica’s running quietly in the background - she will notify the you when she notices a health-related variance, or when she’d like to learn more about a situation

Notification System

Providing alerts when health trends show variance within established digital biomarkers, and as an early-warning system

Connecting Everyone

Through a family connection system, you can now create a group of four family members who can look out for each other, with selected family members getting the key inputs and alerts


Join the Monica community, share your concerns about your parents’ health and help us, help you.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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